The Northcenter Town Square project renovates and expands an existing urban plaza by overtaking an adjacent road and cul-de-sac in Chicago’s Northcenter neighborhood. New amenities for the neighborhood hub include a new play area, large raised lawn and covered performance stage.

Location: Chicago, IL
Client: Northcenter Chamber of Commerce (Concept); CDOT (Construction Documents)

The existing Northcenter Town Square was little more than a grid of dying trees and tired old paving adjacent to a dead-end cul-de-sac. Outside of occasional programmed activities—street festivals, farmer’s markets, neighborhood concerts— the space generally sat empty. PORT developed a concept plan that unified the existing plaza and cul-de-sac to accommodate the existing programming and revitalize the space for daily neighborhood use. PORT then worked with CDOT and Civiltech Engineering on construction documents to bring that concept to fruition. The plaza recently opened early summer 2020 and will be the new for many of events hosted by the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce, including the currently running Farmer's Market. It has also become a destination for the neighborhood to relax, eat, and play.

Consultant Team: Civiltech


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