Northcenter Town Square

Project: Northcenter Town Square
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Client: Northcenter Chamber of Commerce
Size: 1/2 acre
Budget: $1M 
Timeline: 2017 Ongoing

In Spring 2017, PORT was awarded the commission by the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce (SSA #38) to design and oversee construction of an enhanced community plaza space at the heart of the Northcenter neighborhood in Chicago. The space is intended to support community events, ranging in scale from weekly farmer’s markets to Northcenter’s annual “Ribfest” (that draws 1000’s of visitors). PORT has conducted 3 community meetings this spring and summer in order to solicit ideas and feedback, aiming to ensure the design for the enhanced plaza space provides the spaces and amenities the community identifies as priorities. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2018.

PORT_NTS_Plan Drawings Scale 1-01PORT_NTS_Plan Drawings Scale 1-01
PORT_NTS_View04_Lawn ViewPORT_NTS_View04_Lawn View
PORT_NTS_View06_Stage ViewPORT_NTS_View06_Stage View
PORT_NTS_View05_Play MoundsPORT_NTS_View05_Play Mounds