PORT is a Philadelphia and Chicago-based design consultancy comprised of architects, landscape architects, urban designers and planners. Formally established in late 2012 by Christopher Marcinkoski and Andrew Moddrell, PORT’s mandate as a practice is to imagine, design and implement strategies and spaces that serve to equitably and creatively enhance the public realms and built environments of the cities and landscapes in which we have the opportunity to work.

Over the last six-years, our work has principally resided within two broad project types. The first is developing strategies for the management and occupation of large and complicated territories—urban or otherwise—that our clients are motivated to enhance over time, but usually have no idea how or even where to begin. The second is executing transformational projects for the complex, neglected and forgotten spaces of existing cities. 

In both contexts our approach to this work is to identify and capture the hidden or under-appreciated attributes of a given site as the basis of creating new, charismatic spaces of public gathering and activity. Often using a palette of vibrant colors, playful, abstract forms, unexpected materiality, and a bit of irreverence, PORT endeavors to transform these often-ignored spaces into visually animate, socially active sites of public collection. Public spaces intended to be appropriated, engaged and transformed through expected and, more importantly, unexpected forms of social occupation. All in order to deliver the highest caliber spaces of public collection regardless of budget or given context.

The PORT Team