In Fall of 2019, PORT was selected by the Bentonville Parks and Recreation and the Walton Family Foundation Design Excellence Program to develop the Master Plan for the city’s new 110 acre 8th Street Gateway Park

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas
Client: Bentonville Parks and Recreation

The 8th Street Gateway Park is intended to be the centerpiece of the Bentonville Parks System, and the western anchor of a nearly completed 25-mile multi-use trail system that rings the city. With Bentonville nearly doubling in population over the last decade, the 8th Street Gateway Park is envisioned to serve both nearby residents in recently developed areas of the city, as well as regional audiences who come to Bentonville for the extensive mountain biking and fine art venues (Crystal Bridges and the Momentary).

Consultant Team: Ecological Design Group, Toole Design

PORT_Bentonville Gateway Park-overview diagramPORT_Bentonville Gateway Park-overview diagram
PORT_Bentonville Gateway Park-area mapPORT_Bentonville Gateway Park-area map
PORT_Bentonville Gateway Park-circulation mapPORT_Bentonville Gateway Park-circulation map