Lighthouse Park enlivens the formerly forgettable corner of West 9th Street and Main Avenue in Cleveland’s Warehouse District.


Lighthouse Park

Cleveland, OH
Lighthouse Park is named after Cleveland’s first lighthouse, which occupied the site from 1830 to the late 19th century. Portions of the original lighthouse — the lighthouse steps and a section of the stone retaining wall — are integrated into the Lighthouse Park design. The new park is further defined by an over 100' long, winding Light Bar that pays homage to the original structure and adds a bit of whimsy to the space.
Lead Engineer: WSP USA, Inc
Urban Public Realm Design

Design Competition

PORT participated in the DCA Main Avenue Bridge Underpass Design Competition. Upon winning the competition, PORT was awarded a commission to execute the project.

Bespoke Urban Furniture

In order to define and animate the various zones within the MABU corridor, PORT created a robust but flexible catalogue of urban furnishings. We organized this catalogue in relation to the topographic conditions that it must negotiate.

Bespoke Urban Furniture

The furnishing catalogue is punctuated by a series of highly visible, spatially spectacular elements including lighting cages; wayfinding; public collection platforms; framed view corridors; and areas of dramatic planting.
The pocket park is a place for the community to gather. With its wood-deck platforms and adult-sized bench swings the space shapes social rooms that offer places to sit, to perform, and to meet up with friends.

Lighthouse Park offers a new space for public collection and activates the corridor that connects the Warehouse District to the Lower Cuyahoga River Valley.

Indiv Exp_Project Ten_Final Highlight ImageIndiv Exp_Project Ten_Final Highlight Image