PORT developed a framework plan for a dynamic 600-acre territory overlooking the Tennessee River in South Knoxville that provides access and enhancements to numerous natural features, historic landmarks and post-industrial landscapes.

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Client: The Aslan Foundation
Awards: 2018 ASLA Tennessee Merit Award

The Battlefield Loop comprises 600 acres of post-industrial and historic sites along the Tennessee River. The territory includes underutilized historical, cultural and natural assets such as three (Union) civil war defense fortifications and a battlefield site; a historic log cabin community at Loghaven, two naturally occurring lakes and a large quarry lake; a 200’ high bluff overlooking the University of Tennessee and Tennessee River below; as well a collection of trails. PORT, in collaboration with Sanders Pace Architecture, took a bottom-up approach to legibly connecting this disparate set of assets by identifying over 100 user groups and their preferred destination and circulation routes within the territory. This process identified and prioritized 64 individual projects to be implemented over the next 25 years.

Consultant Team: Sanders Pace Architecture

06_PORT_Knoxville Battlefield Loop06_PORT_Knoxville Battlefield Loop