The Frankford Avenue Connector introduces interactive lighting, murals, public plazas, streetscape enhancements and custom urban furnishing in order to create a cohesive ΒΌ-mile connection between the Fishtown neighborhood and the Delaware river front.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Client: Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

This series of discrete interventions take advantage of the small remnant spaces available along the 1600 linear foot corridor to create a safe, attractive passage for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists between the neighborhood and the river as well as new spaces for public collection. Project components include new parklets in front of businesses, a series of four dynamic walls at the I-95 underpass gallery, a new plaza space with super graphic letter furnishings, and a series of playful new interventions along riverfront casino property creating a link to and gathering space along the riverfront.

Consultant Team: Hunt Engineering; Drive Engineering; ENV; Bruce Brooks Associates; VJ Associates; Tillotson Design Associates

0-2_Overview_Frankford 20190-2_Overview_Frankford 2019
2-2_Gallery_South Approach2-2_Gallery_South Approach
2-3_Gallery_Alongside Sign-wall2-3_Gallery_Alongside Sign-wall
19_0416_Parklet Bike Bench update19_0416_Parklet Bike Bench update
0-0_ExistingPhoto_Aerial at Girard0-0_ExistingPhoto_Aerial at Girard