In February 2019, PORT won an invited competition organized by the Hollingsworth Foundation for the master plan and detailed design of the 400-acre Aspire Park.

Location: Clinton, Tennessee
Client: Hollingsworth Foundation / Aspire Foundation
Under Construction: Summer of 2020

Our winning proposal for the park is rooted in a simple observation: the convergence of four distinct existing landscapes in the project area is already spectacular, and need only to be connected and made accessible in order to establish the park as one of the most noteworthy public recreation venues in East Tennessee, if not the Mid-South. With this in mind, our design privileges, elevates and enhances the project area’s latent qualities and characteristics—both physical and experiential—in order to establish a recognizable, memorable identity for the new Aspire Park. From the striking flatness and textures of the Meadow cap, to the dramatic topography of the Mountain ridges, to the industrial and cultural history of the River corridor, to the wild riverine ecology of the Island marshes, Aspire Park offers an assortment of exceptional landscape experiences unavailable almost anywhere else within a single park venue. In consideration of these existing landscapes, the priority of the project’s design is to provide legible, compelling, equitable access and connections between these four principal landscapes, the town of Clinton and the surrounding region.

PORT is responsible for leading the design of both the Aspire Park landscape and architecture scopes of work.

Consultant Team: McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Apex Engineering, SM&E, Hodge Engineering, 

20_0131_HCP_Final Oblique Looking North_LOW RES20_0131_HCP_Final Oblique Looking North_LOW RES
20_0130_HCP_View 03_From Left Bridge_NEW LOGO20_0130_HCP_View 03_From Left Bridge_NEW LOGO