What About the Valley?

Project: What About The Valley? Handbook
Research and Concept Study: Ongoing
Location: The Lower Cuyahoga River Valley, Cleveland, Ohio
Size: 12,480 Acres
Symposium: Op-City
Organizer: UCLA CityLab
Collaborator: Nick Pevsner

What About the Valley? (WATV?) is a prompt to the people of Cleveland. Its purpose is two-fold:

  1. To make legible the latent civic and ecological potential of the lower Cuyahoga River Valley–known locally as the industrial valley.
  2. To catalyze increased public awareness of, and engagement with this territory through the deployment of discrete, coordinated territorial occupants and modifiers.

WATV? takes the ambition of the Re-Cultivating the Forest City project and endeavors to articulate fresh ways of seeing, navigating, marking and occupying the Lower Cuyahoga River Valley. This work is emphatically not a master plan. Nor is it a set of generic planning bullet points. Rather, WATV? is a catalogue of potential design events and interventions that endeavor to build an audience and momentum for the civic reoccupation of the Lower Cuyahoga Valley. As an alternative to a singular, fixed image of what the Valley might become, this initiative endeavors to open up a conversation with the people of Cleveland about the latent potential of the Lower Cuyahoga River Valley as a unique, productive 21st century civic landscape.

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