The CCB Deck

Project: The CCB Deck
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Client: Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority, City of Indianapolis
Size: 2 Acres
Budget: $10,000,000
Timeline: 2014
Award: Runner-Up

The CCB Deck creates a dynamic civic platform at the base of the Indianapolis City-County building capable of accommodating a wide range of public activities. By gently lifting up the short ends of the plaza surface, we are able to create a well-defined, legible urban room in the absence of adjacent buildings surrounding the plaza. The remade surface is scaled to accommodate a diverse range of programming each day, night and season, from intimate lunches with a small group of friends, to large public gatherings of thousands of people.

The elevated wings of the plaza serve a number of functions: they create the necessary depth to introduce clusters of large, mature planting to the plaza above the existing parking structure below; and they allow for the seamless integration of the required infrastructural needs of the plaza and garage. The dramatically lit, covered arcades beneath the elevated wings house a number of public amenities including bike-share stations, information kiosks, covered bike parking, cafe access, and shaded seating.

Whether one enters the Central Crossing from Washington St., or through one of the grand stair portals at the arcades, the CCB Deck provides a powerful sense of entry, threshold and enclosure.