Resonation Room

Project: Resonation Room
Location: Washington Park, Chicago, IL
Project Team: PORT + Mikel Patrick Avery
Venue: University of Chicago Arts + Public Life, Arts Incubator
Exhibition: Forms of Imagination: Reveal and Activation
Organizers: Tempestt Hazel & Paola Aguirre Serrano
Opening Reception: October 14, 2015

The Resonation Room is at once both an oversized percussion installation and space of public collection. The temporary pavilion occupied a vacant lot on the South Side of Chicago from October 2015 through December 2015, providing neighborhood residents with a place to play (both physically and musically), gather, socialize, and communicate.

Invited by the University of Chicago’s Art + Public Life, PORT was part of the larger exhibition, Forms of Imagination: Reveal and Activation, which aspired to give transparency to the process of collaborating across disciplines, as well as what it takes to produce large-scale projects with small-scale budgets. Working with Chicago-based drummer/composer Mikel Patrick Avery, PORT and Avery explored the relationship between music and public space, promoting people's shared interactions at the intersection of performance and environment.

Following its demounting in December 2015, the Resonation Room has been given a second life as a donation to a local community garden, creating a place of shade and fun within the context of a shared cultural space.

Photograph courtesy of Sara Pooley

Photograph courtesy of Sara Pooley