In a more crowded city, where do Chicagoans engage in public life?

Location: Chicago, IL
Client: Chicago Architecture Center
Exhibition: From Me to We: Imagining the City of 2050

Chicago will approach megacity status in the coming decades due to regional migration instigated by climate change. Chicago’s historic Park Boulevard System—the city’s first public realm infrastructure that connected and supported the heart of the city long before Burnham and Bennett’s plan and the forever clear and free lakefront—will once again become essential to the cultural life of the city.

This amplified Park Boulevard System includes new institutions and amenities, public transit networks, and recreation points—all underpinned with a robust topographic and ecological framework. It extends deep into the fabric of Chicago’s neighborhoods and will be a connective and equitable infrastructure motivated by four intertwined concerns: LABOR + LEISURE + LIVABILITY + LANDSCAPE.