Los Angeles River Greenway 2020

Project: LA River Greenway 2020 Pre-Design / Pre-Planning Report
Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: River LA

Size: 51 Linear Miles
Timeline: Spring/Summer 2013

LA River Greenway 2020 is the River LA's campaign to work with public and private partners to complete a continuous 51-mile Greenway along the LA River by the year 2020. Passing through 13 cities and numerous administrative jurisdictions, the project has the potential to catalyze an unprecedented transformation of the LA River into a one-of-a-kind civic, ecological and recreational public realm amenity. The project is the central component of a regional non-motorized transportation corridor for Los Angeles County. PORT's pre-planning study entailed the following activities:

  • Inventories of the intermittently distributed existing public bike paths and trails along the LA River.
  • Defining the new Greenway path segments needed to fill in the gaps between existing public paths and bikeways in order to complete a 51-mile continuous riverfront public realm.
  • Identification of opportunities and development of strategic design interventions that will allow the Greenway to perform multiple civic uses while generating significant public and private project support.

PORT’s pre-planning analysis and phasing recommendations set the groundwork for River LA’s ongoing master planning work with Frank O. Ghery Associates and OLIN.

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