The Library Lane Master Plan envisions the transformation of an alley into a central pedestrian route linking Memorial Park, Spalding University and The Main Branch Library in the Louisville’s SoBro neighborhood.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Client: City of Louisville Metro Planning

In 2018, PORT and Hodgson Douglas were retained by the Louisville Metro Advanced Planning Department to redesign the Library Lane corridor. The underutilized quarter-mile lane, adjacent to Muhammad Ali’s first gym, is anchored on the north by the historic Louisville Main Branch Library and on the south by Memorial Park and Memorial Auditorium.The objective of the Library Lane Master Plan is to re-envision the corridor as a unified, pedestrian-friendly, bicycle-friendly, shared corridor that serves as a community asset while linking the numerous academic and civic institutions, churches, businesses and public spaces along its length.

Consultant Team: PORT, Hodgson Douglas, EHI, Shrout Tate Wilson

19_0129_LLR_Concept Plan19_0129_LLR_Concept Plan
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