Location: Bandirma, Turkey
Client: Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality
Timeline: Spring 2017

The new Bandirma Park celebrates the history, culture, ecology and landscape of the Balikesir region, as well as the inventiveness, ingenuity and spirit of the populations who will occupy and appropriate this new public venue and design institute. The proposal positions Bandirma Park as a truly civic landscape—a generous green platform for dialogue, interchange, socializing, health, creative experimentation and celebration.

The site is organized into two interlocking bands that run roughly parallel to the coastline (east to west). The northern band is home to more active programming and landscapes related to exhibition, performance, media and events. This zone includes the historic barrack gardens on the plateau overlooking the Sea of Marmara and a five-star hotel and retail complex anchoring the site at its northeast corner. The southern band is characterized by more passive recreation and generous horticultural occupation that takes advantage of the significant topography on this part of the site.


PORT_Bandirma_02_seaview terracePORT_Bandirma_02_seaview terrace
PORT_Bandirma_03_Orchard View 2PORT_Bandirma_03_Orchard View 2
PORT_Bandirma_04_pine forest viewPORT_Bandirma_04_pine forest view